Match Report: Hampden Sydney 10/24

A game completely dominated by a referee determined to stop everyone playing rugby UR ran out deserved winners 36-24 over Hampton Sydney at the IM fields on Sunday 10/24. The end score, however, does not tell the story of the game. The UR backline dominated their opponents as did the forwards in the lineout. Scrums were a problem area with the ref not picking up the deliberate wheel HS employed, but good quick ball from set play meant John Ramirez & Josh Flanders had free-rein to let the powerful UR backline run. Trys were scored by Flanders, Ricky Lottenbach, Jeroen Schillings, & a hat trick by Andy Krause that high-lighted the player’s speed, power & intelligent support-play. With the game won at 36-10 UR let up their defenses late on & let in two late trys to make the score look respectable.

The ever-improving scorpions had a winning return with a debut score from Ben Ginger & fine performances from J-Rod, Charlie Boles & new-comers Andrew Gilmartin, Tom Robinson & Brennon Lincoln….. although Gilmartin will have to work on his fitness in the coming weeks.

UR have now confirmed their place in the State championships on Nov 6 & 7 but will cement a 2nd seed if they beat Washington & Lee on Friday night, again on the IM fields, kick-off 8pm. See you all there.

Matt Willson


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